Detection of antibiotic residues among raw beef in Erbil City (Iraq) and impact of temperature on antibiotic remains

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Dhary Alewy Al-mashhadany *
(*) Corresponding Author:
Dhary Alewy Al-mashhadany |


The presence of antibiotic residues in beef is considered a serious threat to public health. This study aimed to detect antibiotic residues in raw beef and the impact of low and high temperature treatments on residues persistence. A total of 250 sampleswere collected from retail markets in Erbil city (Iraq) and analyzed microbiologically in plates pre-inoculated with Bacillus subtilis. The overall occurrence of antibiotics residues was (10.8%).The highest rate was detected in January (16.7%). Cooking for thirty minutes completely deactivate antibiotic residues against the challenged bacterium. In conclusion, the presence of antibiotic residues in beef samples in Erbil city was high and their persistence is markedly reduced by cooking.

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