Core-shell in liquid chromatography: application for determining sulphonamides in feed and meat using conventional chromatographic systems

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Antonio Armentano
Simona Summa
Sonia Lo Magro
Pasquale D’Antini
Carmen Palermo
Marilena Muscarella *
(*) Corresponding Author:
Marilena Muscarella |


A C18 column packed with core-shell particles was used for the chromatographic separation of sulphonamides in feed and meat by a conventional high performance liquid chromatography system coupled with a diode array detector. Two analytical methods, already used in our laboratory, have been modified without any changes in the extraction and clean-up steps and in the liquid chromatography instrumentation. Chromatographic conditions applied on a traditional 5-μm column have been optimized on a column packed with 2.6 μm core-shell particles. A binary mobile phase [acetate buffer solution at pH 4.50 and a mixture of methanol acetonitrile 50: 50 (v/v)] was employed in gradient mode at the flow rate of 1.2 mL with an injection volume of 6 μL. These chromatographic conditions allow the separation of 13 sulphonamides with an entire run of 13 minutes. Preliminary studies have been carried out comparing blanks and spiked samples of feed and meat. A good resolution and the absence of interferences were achieved in chromatograms for both matrices. Since no change was made to the sample preparation, the optimized method does not require a complete revalidation and can be used to make routine analysis faster.

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