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PAGEPress is an Open Access scientific publisher run by a team that has been developing services for the international scientific community since 1992. 

Initially PAGEPress (formerly Medit), took charge of the production management of Haematologica (both print and online versions) providing its publishing services in outsourcing for this journal. It then added to its portfolio another important publication, the European Journal of Basic and Applied Histochemistry (now, European Journal of Histochemistry) distinguishing itself for its professional quality of scholarly publishing.

In 2008, the lack of specialized professional organizations on the Italian market led us to create the PAGEPress brand.

Journal of Medicine and the Person

The Journal of Medicine and the Person aims at being international in scope and readership and to publish papers from the following fields of interest: specialized expertise and multidisciplinary approach to the patient, experimental methodologies for the integral care of the ill person, new methodologies and technical approaches to health care problems, health care as a profession with a worldwide perspective, public health and social medicine and continuing education and training for health care professionals.

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