Foreign bodies in dried mushrooms marketed in Italy

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Maria Rita Schiavo *
Claudia Manno
Antonina Zimmardi
Bruna Vodret
Maria Giovanna Tilocca
Serena Altissimi
Naceur M. Haouet
(*) Corresponding Author:
Maria Rita Schiavo |


The presence of foreign bodies in mushrooms affects their marketability and may result in health risks to consumers. The inspection of fresh or dried mushrooms today is very important in view of the increased consumption of this kind of food. Ten samples of dried mushrooms collected in supermarkets were examined for evidence of entomological contamination by macro and microscopic analytical methods, the so-called filth-test. A total of 46 determinations, comprising 15 g of the vegetable matrix, were made. The microscopic filth test consistently detected an irregular distribution of physical contaminants following repeated determinations of the same sample. Visual examination, on the other hand, was not sufficient to ensure a product free of contaminants.

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