Electrical stimulation counteracts muscle atrophy associated with aging in humans

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Helmut Kern *
Stefan Loefler
Samantha Burggraf
Hannah Fruhmann
Jan Cvecka
Milan Sedliak
Laura Barberi
Manuela De Rossi
Antonio Musarò
Ugo Carraro
Simone Mosole
Sandra Zampieri
(*) Corresponding Author:
Helmut Kern | wil.pys.kern-forschung@wienkav.at


Functional and structural muscle decline is a major problem during aging. Our goal was to improve in old subjects quadriceps m. force and mobility functional performances (stair test, chair rise test, timed up and go test) with neuromuscular electrical stimulation (9 weeks, 2-3times/week, 20-30 minutes per session). Furthermore we performed histological and biological molecular analyses of vastus lateralis m. biopsies. Our findings demonstrate that electrical stimulation significantly improved mobility functional performancies and muscle histological characteristics and molecular markers.

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