The Padel phenomenon after the COVID-19: an Italian cross-sectional survey of post-lockdown injuries

Submitted: 1 February 2024
Accepted: 9 April 2024
Published: 24 April 2024
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The impact of COVID-19 on sport and physical activity has been a subject of considerable interest and concern. Padel satisfies the desire for social interaction and a return to sport after a period of inactivity. The aim of this study is to show a correlation between return to sport and related injuries in a population of Padel players. The study was carried out in a survey mode, consisting of a questionnaire with four sections and fifty questions on the biographical data of the individual, lifestyle before and after the pandemic, knowledge and playing level of Padel and injuries. The self-administered online questionnaire was developed and validated by a panel of physiotherapists, orthopaedic surgeons, and physiatrists with experience in clinical practice and/or musculoskeletal research. The study was conducted in a survey mode from a smartphone or computer via a link to a multiple-choice document. The link to the questionnaire was distributed via mailing lists, social media, and chat applications.

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