Evolution of surface motor activation zones in hemiplegic patients during 20 sessions of FES therapy with multi-pad electrodes

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Jovana Malešević *
Matija Štrbac
Milica Isaković
Vladimir Kojić
Ljubica Konstantinović
Aleksandra Vidaković
Suzana Dedijer
Miloš Kostić
Thierry Keller
(*) Corresponding Author:
Jovana Malešević | jovana.malesevic@tecnalia.com


The purpose of this study was to examine surface motor activation zones for wrist, fingers and thumb extension movements and their temporal change during 20 therapy sessions using advanced multi-pad functional electrical stimulation system. Results from four hemiplegic patients indicate that certain zones have higher probability of eliciting each of the target movements. However, mutual overlap and variations of the zones are present not just between the subjects, but also on the intrasubject level, reflected through these session to session transformations of the selected virtual electrodes. The obtained results could be used as a priori knowledge for semi-automated optimization algorithm and could shorten the time required for calibration of the multi-pad electrode.

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