Does intravesical BCG for bladder cancer protect from COVID-19?

Submitted: March 4, 2024
Accepted: March 28, 2024
Published: May 9, 2024
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Introduction: The study aimed to correlate the history of intravesical BCG as well as infantile BCG immunization with the incidence and severity of COVID-19 infection.

Methods: Retrospective data collection of patients with high-risk non muscle invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC) from two Canadian centers. Data collection included a history of BCG instillation, infantile immunization, and the development of COVID-19 infection. Admission and/ or mortality because of COVID-19 was reported.

Results: We could include data from 348 patients: including 188 and 160 patients from Ontario and British Columbia respectively. COVID-19 affected 15% of these patients. Intravesical BCG was used in 44% of these patients. Intravesical BCG and/or infantile BCG immunization did not correlate with the incidence of COVID-19 infection.

Conclusions: Previous intravesical BCG and/ or a history of infantile BCG vaccination were not more/ less frequent in patients who had COVID-19 infection.

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