Effects of microgravity and cosmic radiations on human T lymphocytes

  • P. Pippia | office@pagepress.org
  • G. Galleri
  • M.A. Meloni
  • A. Saba
  • G. Pani
  • M. Cogoli-Greuter
  • A. Cogoli


In space living organisms, including cells, are affected by two new environmental conditions: microgravity and cosmic radiations. Several experiments in dedicated space missions and in simulated microgravity have shown that low gravity causes a dramatic depression of the mitogenic in vitro activation of T lymphocytes. The goal of this reserch was to determine in space (on board the International Space Station) the ability of adherent monocytes to migrate, as well as to interact with T-cells. A reduced motility of the J-111 cells and changes in the structures of actin, tubulin and vinculin were observed. Moreover, we demonstrated that LFA-I/ICAM-I interactions occur in space and are dependent on activation time but show differences in number, arrangement and fluorescence intensity, depending on time and experimental conditions. In order to evaluate the effects of cosmic radiations on the gene expression in human T lymphocytes we exposed these cells to high quote cosmic radiation during two stratospheric balloon trans-mediterranean flights (BIRBA missions). The gene expression was analized by cDNA microarray hybridization technology. Activated T cells react to the ionizing stress by activating genes involved in cell cycle check-point, oxidative stress response, heat shock proteins production or by repressing denes involved in antigen recognition.



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T lymphocytes, microgravity, cosmic radiations, gene expression
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Pippia, P., Galleri, G., Meloni, M., Saba, A., Pani, G., Cogoli-Greuter, M., & Cogoli, A. (2011). Effects of microgravity and cosmic radiations on human T lymphocytes. Journal of Biological Research - Bollettino Della Società Italiana Di Biologia Sperimentale, 82(1). https://doi.org/10.4081/jbr.2009.4697