Hypnotherapy in management of delivery pain: a review

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Susan Azizmohammadi
Sima Azizmohammadi *
(*) Corresponding Author:
Sima Azizmohammadi | Simaazizmohammadi@yahoo.com


Hypnosis in obstetrics is available for more than one hundred years, but the development of inhalational anesthetic and chemotherapy agents and anesthesia drugs pending the 19th century induced the decrement of its application. However, experimental assessment of this type of intervention on labor and delivery in not high yet. For this reason, evaluation of hypnotic techniques in preparing childbirth should be carried out. One of the main unified mind-body healing practices, which has a great remedial potential in different applications of health care like labor and delivery. Assessment of effectiveness of this procedure in various administered trials is not easy, due to methodologic challenges, like normalizing trial conditions and picking up sufficient sizes of sample. Applying techniques of hypnosis for childbirth within hospital settings makes women to easily overcome barriers associated with institutional policies or caregiver resistance. Potential analgesic and anxiolytic clinical hypnosis effects for childbirth deserve more clinical trials. In this regard, nurses who manage women pending labor and delivery could easily enhance their skills and related understandings for contributing to techniques of hypnotherapy.

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