Late urinary bladder metastasis from breast cancer

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Aldo Franco De Rose
Federica Balzarini
Guglielmo Mantica *
Carlo Toncini
Carlo Terrone
(*) Corresponding Author:
Guglielmo Mantica |


Introduction: Breast cancer (BrC) is the most common non-dermatologic cancer in women. It frequently metastasizes to lung, liver and bone, while the urinary bladder is considered as an unusual site for BrC metastases.
Materials and methods: Four years after her first oncologic surgical approach, a known BrC patient complained of a left flank pain, dysuria and urgency. Computed tomography (CT scan) imaging showed an irregular thickening of the left bladder wall and bilateral hydronephrosis.
Results: A bladder metastases from BrC was diagnosed based on a histological examination of a transurethral resection of the bladder (TURB-T) specimen.
Conclusions: In patients with a history of BrC, urinary bladder screening is not needful. However, if low urinary symptoms persist, an evaluation of the bladder should be considered to rule out metastatic involvement.

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