Minimally invasive management of a symptomatic case of Zinner’s syndrome: Laparoscopic seminal vesiculectomy and ipsilateral nephroureterectomy

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Emanuele Corongiu *
Pietro Grande
Valerio Olivieri
Giorgio Pagliarella
Flavio Forte
(*) Corresponding Author:
Emanuele Corongiu |


Introduction: Zinner syndrome is a rare developmental anomaly of the Wolffian (mesonephric) duct which is characterized by a triad of obstruction of the ejaculatory duct, the ipsilateral seminal vesicle cyst, and the ipsilateral renal agenesis. Usually is totally asymptomatic, however it can also determine symptoms such as lower urinary tract symptoms, perineal pain, ejaculatory disorders such as painful ejaculation or hematospermia, and infertility.
Case report: We present a case of a 51 years old men with a 3-year history of lower urinary tract symptoms, perineal pain, obstructed defecation, recurrent urinary tract infections and infertility. CT scan showed a voluminous cystic neoformation of the left seminal vesicle, hypoplasia of the left kidney and ipsilateral ureteronephrosis. The mass was removed using laparoscopic “en block” seminal vesiculectomy with associated ipsilateral nephroureterectomy. No post-operative complications occurred. At 2-month post-operative control the patient reported an improvement of urinary and rectal symptoms.

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