Glans reconstruction with the use of an inverted urethral flap after distal penile amputation for carcinoma

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Salvatore Sansalone *
Giulio Garaffa
Giuseppe Vespasiani
Alessandro Zucchi
Franklin Emmanuel Kuehhas
Ralf Herwig
Mauro Silvani
Stefano Pecoraro
Carla Loreto
Rosario Leonardi
(*) Corresponding Author:
Salvatore Sansalone |


Restoration of adequate cosmesis and preservation of sexual and urinary function are the main goals of penile reconstructive surgery following amputation for carcinoma. Split thickness skin grafts and oral mucosa grafts have been widely used for the creation of a pseudoglans with excellent cosmetic and functional results. The main drawbacks associated with the use of grafts are donor site morbidity, the lack of engorgement of the pseudoglans and the risk of poor graft take, which may lead to contracture and poor cosmetic results. In the present series the long term cosmetic and functional outcomes of glans reconstruction with an inverted distal urethral flap are described.

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