Vol 82 No 1 (2009)

Published: 2009-01-30

Effects of microgravity and cosmic radiations on human T lymphocytes

P. Pippia, G. Galleri, M.A. Meloni, A. Saba, G. Pani, M. Cogoli-Greuter, A. Cogoli

Antioxidant capacity of plasma after red wine intake in Human

M. Gianmmanco, M. La Guardia, L. La Neve, S. Gianmmanco, D. Di Majo

Effects of extra virgin olive oil phenols on HL60 cell lines sensitive and resistant to anthracyclines

M. Crescimanno, M.V. Sepporta, E. Tripoli, C. Flandina, M. Giammanco, F.T. Tumminello, D. Di Majo, M. Tolomeo, M. La Guardia, G. Leto

Study of genetic variation in three human populations in Piedmont (Italy)

A. Selvaggi, A. Santovito, P. Cervella, M. Del Pero, F. Borghese, G. Sella