Cyanide intoxication by apricot kernels: A case report and literature review

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Faruk Ekinci *
Dincer Yildizdas
Alper Ates
Naime Gökay
(*) Corresponding Author:
Faruk Ekinci |


Acute cyanide intoxication is a serious healthcare problem due to its potentially life threatening and fatal toxic effects. Ingestion of cyanide containing foods is an important source of cyanide poisoning and apricot kernels contain significant amounts of such cyanogenic compounds. Herein we report a previously healthy 4- year-old boy admitted to our emergency department with complaints of vomiting and sudden onset of unconsciousness after ingestion of apricot kernels. He was diagnosed as acute cyanide poisoning and treated with a specific antidote; hydroxocobalamin. Our report concludes with previous cases of cyanide poisoning after ingestion of apricot kernels and a quick look at sources, manifestations and treatment of acute cyanide poisoning.

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