Thanks to Reviewers

Editor-in-Chief Dr. Mario Cavazza, Section Editors and Editorial Board Members would like to thank the following colleagues for their assistance in reviewing articles submitted to Emergency Care Journal in 2016.

Nadia Battisti (Italy), Andrea Bellone (Italy), Eugenio Brunocilla (Italy), Fausto Catena (Italy), Mario Cavazza (Italy), Sang-Cheon Choi (North Korea), Benilde Cosmi (Italy), Rita Golfieri (Italy), Neil Hampson (USA), Primiano Iannone (Italy), Ishrat Khan (UK), Jos Kooter (Netherlands) Chinmay Bhimaji Kulkarni (India) Davide Lonati (Italy), Laura Magrini (Italy), Cristian Martignani (Italy), Ciro Paolillo (Italy), Frank Schellhammer (Germany), Gregorio Tugnoli (Italy), Massimo Valentino (Italy), PS Yip (China), Roberto Zoppellari (Italy).