Survivor from asphyxiation due to helium inhalation

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Massimiliano Etteri *
Andrea Bellone
Morena Vella
Eleonora Capiaghi
Luca Motta
Ilaria Malfasi
(*) Corresponding Author:
Massimiliano Etteri |


In this rare case report we describe a 27- year-old white man survived to suicide by asphyxiation using the so-called suicide bag (or exit bag) filled with helium supplied through a plastic tube. He had no previous psychiatric or organic illnesses. At the time of presentation to our Emergency Department he was awake and reported severe dyspnea with a clinical pattern of acute respiratory failure. Imaging studies showed pulmonary edema and the patient was treated with non-invasive ventilation in Intensive Care Unit. After 15 days the patient was discharged from hospital in optimal conditions. These rare cases of survivor might suggest the possible causes of death from inhaling helium.

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