A proposed role for non-junctional transverse tubules in skeletal muscle as flexible segments allowing expansion of the transverse network

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Manuela Lavorato
Ramesh Iyer
Clara Franzini-Armstrong *
(*) Corresponding Author:
Clara Franzini-Armstrong | armstroc@pennmedicine.upenn.edu


Using a variety of technical approaches, we have detected the presence of continuous triads that cover the entire length of T tubules in the main white body muscles of several small fish. This is in contrast to the discontinuous association of sarcoplasmic reticulum with T tubules in the red muscles from the same fish as well as in all other previously described muscles in a large variety of skeletal muscles. We suggest that continuous triads are permissible only in muscle fibers that are not normally subject to significant changes in sarcomere length during normal in vivo activity, as is the case for white muscles in the trunk of fish.

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