Report and Abstracts of the 15th Congress of the Mediterranean Forum of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine: Rome, July 6-8, 2023

Published: 1 December 2023
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The 15th Mediterranean Forum of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (MFPRM) Congress, held in Rome from 6 to 8 July 2023, brought together over 600 PRM specialists and residents from 51 countries and 5 continents to share knowledge, perspectives, and research findings. The Congress focused on the theme "Beyond COVID," highlighting the resilience and adaptability of PRM in the face of the pandemic. Presentations showcased the latest advancements in PRM across various subspecialties, including orthopedics and sports re-education, neurological disorders, pharmacotherapy and pain, pediatrics disorders, musculoskeletal disease, ergonomics and robotics, spasticity management, ICF and evaluation scales, spinal cord injury, musculoskeletal ultrasounds, rehabilitation of patients with cancers disease, post COVID-19 re-education, cardio-respiratory and urogynecological disorders, and traumatic brain injury. The congress successfully served as a platform for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and innovation in PRM, highlighting the importance of international cooperation and the resilience of PRM in adapting to emerging challenges.

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