Treatment of digital ulcers with oxygen-ozone therapy in a patient with systemic sclerosis

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Hilary Riva *
Brenno Balestra
Olivier Giannini
Giuseppe Bonforte
(*) Corresponding Author:
Hilary Riva |


Patients with systemic sclerosis often suffer from Raynaud’s phenomenon and in the most severe cases it causes digital ulceration and difficult healing. Treatment for these complications are not always resolutive and sometimes not well tolerated. The O2O3 therapy is a gas mixture that has several demonstrated effects including antiseptic, painkiller, microcirculation vasodilator, oxygen metabolism regulator and immunomodulation, and it can be personalised, administered to individual patient requirements. We decided to offer this treatment to our patients after the failure of traditional drugs and surgery without influencing the therapeutic program. The results obtained are interesting, and though more studies are needed to better understand the exact mechanism of action of O2O3 therapy, we believe that in the meantime, this therapy should be considered as treatment for the most severe cases.

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