Eurycnemus v. d. Wulp (Diptera, Chironomidae) newly recorded in China

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L. Li
H. Tang *
(*) Corresponding Author:
H. Tang |


Pharate male, pupa and larva of Eurycnemus cf. nozakii Kobayashi 1998 are described based on the associated material collected from Liaoning Province. This is the first record of this genus in China. The Chinese species is distinctly smaller than the Japanese E. nozakii at all stages, which can be separated from congeners by the presence of hind tibial comb and the absence of basal strong seta on the gonostylus in the male, some differences are also found in the immature stage, which suggest an independent new species rather than the true E. nozakii. Detailed differences are compared among similar taxa from Japan, Russian Far East and China. Pupal exuviae collected from Fujian and Yunnan Provinces were also examined, which can be separated from the above species by the short male genital sac. Because of few different characters at the immature stage among these similar taxa from a wide range, the possible high diversity within this genus is suspected. Based on the current knowledge, the generic diagnosis is emended.

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