Effects of extra virgin olive oil phenols on HL60 cell lines sensitive and resistant to anthracyclines

  • M. Crescimanno | marilena.crescimanno@unipa.it
  • M.V. Sepporta
  • E. Tripoli
  • C. Flandina
  • M. Giammanco
  • F.T. Tumminello
  • D. Di Majo
  • M. Tolomeo
  • M. La Guardia
  • G. Leto


The aim of our study was to evaluate the capability of a crude extract of phenols from extra virgin olive oil of Moraiolo cultivar to induce apoptosis and/or differentiation in sensitive and resistant HL60 cell lines to anticancer drugs (Typical Multidrug Resistance). Our data highlight that the crude extract is able to induce apoptosis on both sensitive and resistant cells, whereas the exposure to a number of anticancer drugs does not induce apoptosis in resistant cells. In differentiation experiments we investigated the capability of crude extract of phenols to induce the expression of CD11 granulocytic or CD14 monocytic cell surface antigen in sensitive and resistant HL60 cell lines. At IC50 dose level (17 ug/ml and 32 ug/ml respectively for sensitive and resistant cell lines), the crude extract induced differentiation associated with the expression of CD14 monocytic cell lines but not that of CD11 granulocityc cell surface antigen. Further investigations are in progress to better clarify the mechanism by which olive oil phenols induce diffentiation on this cell line.



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Phenols, apoptosis, differentiation, human cell lines
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Crescimanno, M., Sepporta, M., Tripoli, E., Flandina, C., Giammanco, M., Tumminello, F., Di Majo, D., Tolomeo, M., La Guardia, M., & Leto, G. (2009). Effects of extra virgin olive oil phenols on HL60 cell lines sensitive and resistant to anthracyclines. Journal of Biological Research - Bollettino Della Società Italiana Di Biologia Sperimentale, 82(1). https://doi.org/10.4081/jbr.2009.4729