The traditional Chinese Baduanjin exercise for the enhancements in health of older adults: a narrative review

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Fung Kei Cheng *
(*) Corresponding Author:
Fung Kei Cheng |


Health debilitation negatively impacts the physical and psychiatric states of ageing persons, consequently increasing individual, familial, and social burdens. Physical exercise is an effective measure to cope with this problem, and Baduanjin, a traditional Chinese exercise, is one of the choices. This narrative review analyses 58 clinical studies, which indicate the efficacy of Baduanjin for the health of old adults, including in physiological refinement, bone diseases, cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary illnesses, metabolic disorders, digestive sicknesses, cognitive impairment, and mental disorders. The results not only reveal the rehabilitative and preventive functions of Baduanjin, but also suggest health promotion through this physical activity for the ageing population. It also proposes improvements in methodological design and practical implications for the well being of seniors and successful ageing.

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