Lepidoptera Tortricidae from Sicily with new taxa for Italian and European fauna and description of Thiodia major (Rebel) and Pammene castanicola Trematerra females

Submitted: 20 September 2021
Accepted: 12 October 2021
Published: 21 December 2021
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A list of 155 species of Lepidoptera Tortricidae collected in Sicily (Italy) is reported. The two most numerous tortricid subfamilies recorded are the Olethreutinae and Tortricinae, which have 84 species and 70 species, respectively; the subfamily Chlidanotinae is represented by 1 species. Species belonging to almost all the tribes cited in the Italian fauna have been found in Sicily (Tortricini with 10 species, Cochylini 26, Cnephasiini 18, Archipini 16, Polyorthini 1, Bactrini 5, Olethreutini 12, Enarmoniini 1, Eucosmini 33, and Grapholitini 33), with the exception of the members of the tribes Sparganothini and Eulini. Phtheochroa ochralana and Cydia magnesiae are new to Italian fauna; Fulvoclysia forsteri and Tortricodes selma are recorded for first time in Europe. The females of Thiodia major and Pammene castanicola are descripted. Acleris hastiana, A. notana, Cochylidia rupicola, C. moguntiana, Cochylis sannitica, Eana joannisi, E. italica, Cnephasia fulturata, Archips betulanus, A. crataeganus, Pandemis cerasana, Olindia schumacherana, Epinotia dalmatana, Eucosma obumbratana, Epiblema cirsianum, E. graphanum, Cydia medicaginis, C. cythisantana, C. ulicetana, C. derrai, C. leguminana, Lathronimpha balearici, Grapholita pallifrontana, Pammene querceti, P. obscurana, and Strophedra weirana are cited for first time in Sicily.



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Trematerra, P., Colacci, M., Goglia, L., & Bella, S. (2021). Lepidoptera Tortricidae from Sicily with new taxa for Italian and European fauna and description of <em>Thiodia major</em> (Rebel) and <em>Pammene castanicola</em> Trematerra females. Journal of Entomological and Acarological Research, 53(1). https://doi.org/10.4081/jear.2021.10144