eISSN 2532-2044
Mariaelena Bartesaghi
Tampa, FL, USA

Qualitative Research in Medicine and Healthcare represents an interdisciplinary and international forum for qualitative research in healthcare settings. The journal is conceived as a site for the emergence of dialogue between researchers and academics and healthcare practitioners; it allows an exchange between multiple parties in the health and social service professions, patients and clients as well as graduate students and researchers who practice qualitative methods. Qualitative research approaches healthcare in a completely different way from quantitative research, providing important insights into health-related phenomena, generating new avenues for empirical questions. Qualitative research examines lived experience and relational processes as the basis of social phenomena, including those related to health. Therefore, it can answer to questions that quantitative research cannot, such as why people do not adhere to a life-saving treatment regimen or why a certain healthcare intervention is so successful, or fails. It uses many methods of data collection and numerous approaches to data analysis that range from systematic coding to phenomelogical and inductive approaches. Each issue of Qualitative Research in Medicine and Healthcare provides readers with a varied array of material and commentaries on important people and issues in healthcare as well as peer-reviewed articles that address and examine: the illness experience from multiple and varied perspectives; constructions of health, illness and healthcare that highlight relational and cultural contexts; healthcare policies in various organizational and institutional settings; attention to the communicative dynamics of the patient-provider relationship; narrative approaches to health.

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