The treatment of periodontal disease using local oxygen-ozone

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Gianluca Sacco *
Guglielmo Campus
(*) Corresponding Author:
Gianluca Sacco |


The objective was to clinically and microbiologically evaluate local oxygen-ozone therapy used in combination with traditional mechanical therapy versus the use of mechanical therapy alone in a group of patients with periodontal disease. To date, this study is the most representative investigation in the scientific literature as it has the largest sample (113 patients). The project was fully completed in the planning phase, the experimental research stage, the statistical analysis phase and the scientific article draft phase. The results of the study showed a sharp reduction in the clinical-microbiological parameters measured for both study groups. In particular, subjects in the group treated with oxygen-ozone therapy plus mechanical therapy showed a more marked improvement. Although it is possible to observe a general trend of improvement in oral hygiene in Western countries, periodontal health remains a goal yet to be achieved in many subjects. In Italy, roughly 60% of the population suffers from periodontal disease (from mild to severe) and roughly 10-14% exhibit fairly advanced forms. The latter group increases dramatically in the age group between 35 and 44 years. The main objective of the clinician who is faced with a patient with periodontal disease is to adopt an appropriate therapeutic approach to halt the progression of the disease and to prevent or reduce the occurrence of any relapses. Mechanical causal therapy is the treatment of choice. However, due to the early recolonization of periodontal pockets by bacteria, various studies are underway in order to find a valid aid to mechanical therapy. In this regard, oxygenozone therapy may be an economic, non-invasive and easy method to implement in the clinical management of the patient with periodontal disease. One immediate application is the opportunity to use the treatment in selected patients, such as those who present a recurrence of the disease. For example, systemic antibiotic therapy could be replaced with local oxygen-ozone therapy in patients with periodontal abscess. However, additional longitudinal studies are needed to assess any exact range, timing and method of application.

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