Large auto-hemoinfusion versus rectal insufflation in patients with metabolic syndrome

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Francesco Vaiano *
Fortunato Loprete
(*) Corresponding Author:
Francesco Vaiano |


The metabolic syndrome is a clinical situation including a series of factors at high cardiovascular risk; the treatment with an oxygenozone gas mixture can influence all factors associated with this syndrome. The objective of the study has been to verify if the rectal insufflation could replace the large auto-hemoinfusion when treating the metabolic syndrome in those patients who, for various reasons cannot use the auto-hemoinfusion. Twenty-four individuals aged between 34 and 68 were recruited and included in the group treated with ozonated auto-hemoinfusion and other 24 individuals aged between 35 and 67 were recruited and included in the group treated with rectal insufflation of the oxygen-ozone gas mixture. According to the results obtained by means of oxygen-ozone mixture rectal insufflation, which are almost equivalent to the results obtained with the large ozonated auto-hemoinfusion, authors could conclude that the ozonated rectal insufflation can be taken into consideration as alternative method to the large auto-hemoinfusion, while treating the metabolic syndrome, in those patients difficult to manage due to the previously described reasons.

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