Acute Hepatitis HCV genotype 3h: virological baseline characterization and monitoring “On Therapy”

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Giuseppe Sodano *
Erasmo Falco
Adriana Raddi
Maria Grimaldi
Francesco Labonia
Marcello Raffone
Mariano Bernardo
Emanuele Durante Mangoni
(*) Corresponding Author:
Giuseppe Sodano |


The Hepatitis C viral genome is highly variable and is classified into 6 genotype groups, based on phylogenetic analysis of the genomic sequence. Here we show a case of acute Hepatitis C in which a rare genotype 3h was evidenced by direct RNA sequencing.We confirm that analysis of the early kinetics of HCV RNA during antiviral therapy is an important prognostic parameter, and that a (to-t3)log10HCV RNA value is a strong predictor for Rapid Virological Response (RVR) and End Therapy Response (ETR).

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