Leptotrichia amnionii: certain pathogen in pyosalpinx

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Sandro Pierdomenico *
Andreina Baj
Giuseppe Massari
Alberto Colombo
Sergio Gallazzi
(*) Corresponding Author:
Sandro Pierdomenico | spierd@tin.it


Leptotrichia amnionii has had a recent taxonomic definition (2002) and definitely belongs to fastidious Gram negative anaerobes group thanks to difficulties to culture and preserve. Few PubMed reports of microbiological detections are documented to date and this is the first isolation described in Italy. Frequently only DNA analysis in direct samples succeeds in finding it out. Our study describes a case of Leptotrichia amnionii successfully cultivated from aspirated pus, but only 16S rRNA gene amplification and subsequent sequencing technique could afford to identify.The work remarks the added value of DNA techniques in routine analysis of anaerobes.

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