Infestazione sottocutanea da Dirofilaria spp.: descrizione di un caso clinico

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Ilaria Crespi *
Stefano Andreoni
Flavio Bobbio
Antonella Bruno
Roberta Maserati
Giacomo Fortina
(*) Corresponding Author:
Ilaria Crespi |


Dirofilaria spp. causes a common zoonotic filarial infection found in dogs and humans in the tropical, subtropical and temperate areas. After biological development in the mosquito, dogs and humans may be infected with the infective larvae when the mosquito takes a blood meal. In humans, the worms do not reach maturity, and no microfilariae can be detected.A number of species, such as D. tenuis, D. repens, D. immitis have been identified as causative agents of subcutaneous or conjunctival nodules in humans. Diagnosis is made by identifying the worm in biopsies or extracting the worm from the lesion. Surgical removal of the worms is the only known treatment.

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