Indagine conoscitiva sui fabbisogni formativi del personale tecnico-sanitario


The primary objective of AMCLI is to provide efficient, high quality continuing education.The CoTeLab has prepared a questionnaire including the main groups of interest of Laboratory Technologists, either of a specific or general nature, as well as other eventual arguments, suggestions and observations in order to understand the real necessity of training. The questionnaire was answered by 464 technicians of which 71% females and 29% males, most of interviewed were between 41 and 45 years of age with variable experience. Scolarity was not homogeneous due to Italian evolution in the past years. The necessity to up-date knowledge in the laboratory in which day-to-day work is performed and an elevated interest in molecular biology was evidenced. Quality control, biological hazard and hospital infections were the arguments most requested. The procedure of accreditation and/or certification already obtained in many laboratories, and the problems involved in new technologies are certainly factors that bring attention to Quality Control. The response in respect of biological hazards is due to the implementation of DL 626/94 and its successive modifications. Hospital infections have always been an important subject of microbiology and have gained much attention thanks to the new technologies offered (molecular epidemiology) Theoretical and practical training is mainly requested and evidences the technician’s need to understand routine procedures and not only to perform them. New technologies are the general arguments most requested and preferred. Surprisingly long distance education is not requested, probably since it has not yet been activated and the modality is not clear. In conclusion this study has hallowed us to have a reliable perspective of the educational needs of technologists and will permit us to gradually construct a high quality, efficient continuing education program that will certainly give positive results in the total quality of results referred to physicians.



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technicians, continuing education. quality control, education program, molecular biology, epidemiology, biological hazard, hospital infection.
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