Metagenomic approach for discovering new pathogens in infection disease outbreaks

  • Emanuela Giombini |
  • Barbara Bartolini
  • Gabriella Rozera
  • Marina Selleri
  • Paola Zaccaro
  • Maria Rosaria Capobianchi
  • Isabella Abbate


Viruses represent the most abundant biological components on earth.They can be found in every environment, from deep layers of oceans to animal bodies.Although several viruses have been isolated and sequenced, in each environment there are millions of different types of viruses that have not been identified yet.The advent of nextgeneration sequencing technologies with their high throughput capabilities make possible to study in a single experiment all the community of microorganisms present in a particular sample “microbioma”.They made more feasible the application of the metagenomic approach, by which it is also possible to discover and identify new pathogens, that may pose a threat to public health.This paper summarizes the most recent applications of nextgeneration sequencing to discover new viral pathogens during the occurrence of infection disease outbreaks.



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Metagenomics, Viroma, Next generation sequencing, Outbreak
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Giombini, E., Bartolini, B., Rozera, G., Selleri, M., Zaccaro, P., Capobianchi, M. R., & Abbate, I. (2011). Metagenomic approach for discovering new pathogens in infection disease outbreaks. Microbiologia Medica, 26(3).

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