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The European Journal of Histochemistry was founded in 1954 by Maffo Vialli and published till 1979 under the title of Rivista di Istochimica Normale e Patologica, from 1980 to 1990 as Basic and Applied Histochemistry and in 1991 as European Journal of Basic and Applied Histochemistry. It is now published under the auspices of the University of Pavia, Italy. 

The European Journal of Histochemistry is the official organ of the Italian Society of Histochemistry and a member of the journal subcommittee of the International Federation of Societies for Histochemistry and Cytochemistry (IFSHC). The Journal publishes Original papers, Technical reports, Reviews, Brief Reports, Letters to the Editor, Book reviews, Views and Comments, concerning investigations performed with the aid of biophysical, biochemical, molecular-biological, enzymatic, immunohistochemical, cytometric, and image analysis techniques. Areas of particular interest include: - functional cell and tissue biology in animals and plants; - cell differentiation and death; - cell-cell interaction and molecular trafficking; - biology of cell development and senescence; - nerve and muscle cell biology; - cellular basis of diseases. The European Journal of Histochemistry is sub-titled as a journal of functional cytology. This is consistent with the evolution of Histochemistry over the last half century: nowadays, the histochemical approach is essentially aimed at locating molecules in the very place where they exert their biological roles, and at describing dynamically specific chemical activities in living cells. It is in everyone’s experience that basic research on cell functional organization is essential for understanding the mechanisms underlying major biological processes such as differentiation, the control of tissue homeostasis, and the regulation of normal and tumor cell growth. Even more than in the past, the European Journal of Histochemistry, as a journal of functional cytology, intends to be a forum where cell scientists may present and discuss their original results, technical improvements and theories. 

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Vol 61, No 3 (2017)

  Original Papers


Apoptosis pattern and alterations of expression of apoptosis-related factors of supporting cells in Kölliker’s organ in vivo in early stage after birth in rats

Jun Liu, Linbin Cai, Yuanyuan He, Jun Yang


Bone morphogenetic protein-4 and bone morphogenetic protein receptors expressions in the adult rat eye

Yuka Maruyama-Koide, Sumiko Mikawa, Takeshi Sasaki, Kohji Sato


Treatment of diabetic foot ulcers with Therapeutic Magnetic Resonance (TMR®) improves the quality of granulation tissue

Letizia Ferroni, Chiara Gardin, Andrea De Pieri, Maria Sambataro, Elena Seganfreddo, Chiara Goretti, Elisabetta Iacopi, Barbara Zavan, Alberto Piaggesi


Immunofluorescent characterization of non-myelinating Schwann cells and their interactions with immune cells in mouse mesenteric lymph node

Zhongli Shi, Wayne K. Greene, Philip K. Nicholls, Dailun Hu, Janina E.E. Tirnitz-Parker, Qionglan Yuan, Changfu Yin, Bin Ma


Characterization of the skin mucus in the common octopus Octopus vulgaris (Cuvier) reared paralarvae

Gianluca Accogli, Giovanni Scillitani, Donatella Mentino, Salvatore Desantis


Protective effect of different antioxidant agents in UVB-irradiated keratinocytes

Sara Salucci, Sabrina Burattini, Francesca Buontempo, Alberto Maria Martelli, Elisabetta Falcieri, Michela Battistelli


Ultrastructure and immunohistochemical characterization of proteins concerned with the secretory machinery in goat ceruminous glands

Tadashi Yasui, Hiroshi Gomi, Taishi Kitahara, Azuma Tsukise

Diapositiva 1

Porphyromonas gingivalis lipopolysaccharide stimulation in human periodontal ligament stem cells: role of epigenetic modifications to the inflammation

Francesca Diomede, Soundara Rajan Thangavelu, Ilaria Merciaro, Monica D'Orazio, Placido Bramanti, Emanuela Mazzon, Oriana Trubiani


Topographic distribution pattern of morphologically different G cells in the murine antral mucosa

Claudia Frick, Hanna Luisa Martin, Johanna Bruder, Kerstin Lang, Heinz Breer


Overview of the optical properties of fluorescent nanoparticles for optical imaging

Fig 1

Federico Boschi, Francesco De Sanctis

  Technical Notes


Bile duct ligature in young rats: A revisited animal model for biliary atresia

Matias Garrido, Camila Escobar, Constanza Zamora, Carolina Rejas, Juan Varas, Mario Párraga, Sebastian San Martin, Sandra Montedónico

  Book reviews

Oocytes - Maternal Information and Functions


Manuela Monti

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