Vol 3, No 1S (2013): Special issue - ECOBIM Meeting, 2013 May, Montréal, Quebec, Canada

Published: 2013-12-03

Role of confounding factors in assessing immune competence of bivalves (Mya arenaria, Mytilus edulis) exposed to pollutants

C. Brousseau-Fournier, G. Alix, A. Beaudry, S. Gauthier-Clerc, M. Duchemin, M. Fortier, M. Auffret, M. Fournier, P. Brousseau

Several pharmaceuticals impaired harbor seal lymphocytes (Phoca vitulina) in vitro

C. Kleinert, M. Mournier, M. Fortier, P. Brousseau, S. DeGuise, M. Fournier

Energy metabolism and pesticides: biochemical and molecular responses to copper in roach Rutilus rutilus

V. Maes, A. Vettier, A. Jaffal, O. Dedourge-Geffard, L. Delahaut, A. Geffard, S. Betoulle, E. David

Decrease in phagocytosis capacity of hemocyte during spawning in Mytilus edulis: a pilot study

M. Fraser, P. Rault, P-H. Roumier, M. Fortier, C. André, P. Brousseau, F. Gagné, M. Fournier, C. Surette, C. Vaillancourt

Influence of tidal stress on the immunocompetence of hemocytes in soft-shell clam (Mya arenaria)

A. Beaudry, C. Brousseau-Fournier, G. Alix, M. Fortier, M. Auffret, P. Brousseau, M. Fournier