Thanks to Reviewers

The Editor-in-Chief and the Editorial Board of Veins and Lymphatics are indebted with the following colleagues for their assistance in refereeing articles submitted to the journal (published or refused during 2017).


Giampiero Avruscio (Italy), Pietro Maria Bavera (Italy), Imre Bihari (Hungary), John Blebea (USA), Enrico Boni (Italy), Marco Bresadola (Italy), Aldo Bruno (Italy), Alberto Caggiati (Italy), Diana Campioni (Italy), Massimo Cappelli (Italy), Domenico Corda (Italy), Francesco Costanzo (USA), Giovanni Di Domenico (Italy), Giacomo Gadda (Italy), Mauro Gambaccini (Italy), Sergio Gianesini (Italy), Marcella Lagana (Italy), Pasquale Longobardi (Italy), Raul Mattassi (Italy), Erica Menegatti (Italy), Leo Moro (Italy), Giovanni Mosti (Italy), Giancarlo Pansini (Italy), Malay Patel (India), Alessia Patrucco (Italy), Attila Puskas (Romania), Rodolfo Repetto (Italy), Mirko Tessari (Italy), Pier Francesco Veroux (Italy), Paolo Zamboni (Italy), Ilaria Zollino (Italy)

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