Hot topics in venous ulcer treatment: an international survey

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Stefano Ricci *
Francesco Serino
Leo Moro
Fausto Passariello
(*) Corresponding Author:
Stefano Ricci |


Compression is the most effective treatment to promote skin ulcer healing, although there are as many different methods of performing a leg compression as the number of phlebologists, each one having personal tricks, solutions, habits. Conversely, though dressings may be done in different ways, none is considered the standard solution. We asked few (18) questions to physicians involved in this field, in Italy and abroad, looking for some common feature. The analysis of 100 replies indicated the average treatment: compression made by multilayer bandage when edema is present, knee long stocking when edema is removed, mostly based on patient’s agreement. Escharectomy should be done when ulcer bed is covered by necrotic tissue. Advanced wound care is used, with dressing changed several times a week. For highly exuding ulcers, a specific dressing is used or frequent changing is performed. The treatment in early stage of disease is done by the physician while subsequently the dressings may be performed by the patient himself, nurses or doctors. Usually no medical treatments are associated. The cost of a single dressing is often lower than 10 Euro, without any reimbursement. The compression devices aren’t reimbursed as well. The expected compression pressure is 30/40 mm Hg. Daytime compression is not reduced at night-time. The patient is always invited to walk. The same compression is used if the ABPI is <1. However the survey shows that several variations in the cookbook may occur, sometimes even contradictory.

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