Ulcerated hemosiderinic dyschromia and iron deposits within lower limbs treated with a topical application of biological chelator

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Eugenio Brizzio *
Marcelo Castro
Marina Narbaitz
Natalia Borda
Claudio Carbia
Laura Correa
Roberto Mengarelli
Amalia Merelli
Valeria Brizzio
Maria Sosa
Biagio Biancardi
Alberto Lazarowski
(*) Corresponding Author:
Eugenio Brizzio | ebrizzio@fibertel.com.ar


The ulcerative haemosiderinic dyschromia of chronic venous insufficiency is difficult to heal and presents a high accumulation of iron. Lactoferrin, a potent natural iron chelator, could help to scar this ulcerative haemosi - derinic dyschromia. The objective of this study was to determine whether the topical application of a liposomal gel with Lactoferrin favors scarring/degradation of the brown colored spot typical of ulcerative haemosiderinic dyschromia. Nine patients with severe chronic venous insufficiency and ulcerative haemosiderinic dyschromia (CEAP-C6), with a natural evolution of over 12 months, were included in the study. Hemo chromatosis gene mutations were investigated. The levels of serum ferritin, transferrin saturation and blood cell counts were analyzed. The presence of hemosiderin was investigated through periulcerous and ulcer fundus biopsies carried out at baseline and 30 days after treatment with Lactoferrin. The severity of the injuries (CEAP classification) was evaluated at the beginning of and throughout the whole 3-month treatment period. No patient had received compression treatment during the three months previous to this therapy. Significant improvement in these injuries, with a reduction in the dimensions of the brown spot (9 of 9) at Day 90, and complete scarring with a closure time ranging from 15 to 180 days (7 of 9) were observed. The use of topical lactoferrin is a non-invasive therapeutic tool that favors clearance of hemosiderinic dyschromia and scarring of the ulcer. The success of this study was not influenced either by the hemochromatosis genetics or the iron metabolism profile observed.

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