Elastic stockings effect on leg volume variability in healthy workers under prolonged gravitational gradient exposure

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Mirko Tessari *
Sergio Gianesini
Erica Menegatti
Michele Zuolo
Anna Maria Malagoni
Maria Elena Vannini
Paolo Zamboni
(*) Corresponding Author:
Mirko Tessari | mirko.tessari@unife.it


The aim of this study was to determine the elastic stockings effect on healthy workers (HW) who are exposed to a prolonged hydrostatic pressure overload for professional reasons. The cohort was composed by 20 HW who voluntarily underwent a water plethysmography test before and after eight hour of standing up in an operating room, wearing elastic stockings. After 8 h of gravity exposure, we demonstrated the absence of leg volume increase in case of elastic stockings use. In the morning measurement we found that the lower limb volume was 1967.5 mL±224, while in the evening it was 1962.5 mL±227 (P<0.0828). The decreased volume is significantly correlated with the time that was spent under gravity forces for working purpose wearing elastic stockings (R2=0.99, P<0.0001). Our experiment demonstrates that elastic stockings may effectively counteract the increased leg volume over time in workers who are exposed to prolonged gravitational gradient. Further longitudinal studies are needed to determine if the above effect could correct one of the major risk factors for the development of chronic venous insufficiency.

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