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Ultrasonographic, quantitative comparison of lower extremity lymphedema... Inner-ear circulation in humans is disrupted by extracranial venous outflow... Who knows the rationale of the refilling time measured by plethysmography? In vitro protocol for validating interface pressure sensors for therapeutic...

Vol 7, No 2 (2018)

Table of Contents

Review Articles
Paolo Zamboni, Valentina Tavoni, Francesco Sisini, Massimo Pedriali, Erika Rimondi, Mirko Tessari, Erica Menegatti

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Ajay Vikram Singh, Donato Gemmati, Anurag Kanase, Ishan Pandey, Vatsala Misra, Vimal Kishore, Timotheus Jahnke, Joachim Bill

Abstract views: 546 | PDF: 66
Original Articles
Konstantin Mazayshvili

Abstract views: 143 | PDF: 39
Bernhard H.J. Juurlink, Pietro M. Bavera, Salvatore Sclafani, Ivo Petrov, Donald B. Reid

Abstract views: 1676 | PDF: 376
Papers from the International Compression Club (ICC) Meeting, 2017
Rong Liu

Abstract views: 2 | PDF: 1
Sophie Bassez, Gregory Thiney, François Cros, Amina Ouchene, François Verriere

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Jerry Hutchinson

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Makoto Mo

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Didier Rastel, Bertrand Lun

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Rong Liu

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Andreas Nilsson, Torbjörn Lundh

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Michael Clark, Sue Hagelstein, Nia Jones

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Vincent Crébassa

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Pierre Gonon

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Franz-Josef Schingale

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Jan Schuren

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Thomas Stumptner

Abstract views: 3 | PDF: 1
Yung-Wei Chi

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