Thalassemia in Messina: a sociological approach to chronic disease

  • Silvia Carbone | Human and Social Science Department, University of Messina, Italy.


Changing the care along with improved treatment, have altered the life of thalassemia patients, one of the world’s most common genetic diseases (Thalassemia International Federation; The new demography of the disease, with its widely variable phenotypes, has implications for its diagnosis, counseling, and management. Improved of the new treatment of this ancient disease is essential for optimizing survival. From June 2010 to January 2011, we interviewed 36 people with thalassemia from a primary care in Messina (Center of Genetics and Immunology). The aim of this study is to show the results of a survey conducted in this Center in Messina. This study shows the importance of influence of a multidisciplinary approach, medical, psychological and social, that addresses the changing treatment and epidemiology of thalassemia in order to ensure a better quality of life and survival. Understanding the influence of all three types of resources, medical, psychological and social, is critical for constructing ways to enhance health capability, chronic disease self-management, and health.



以更好的护理方式改善治疗,改变了地中海贫血(一种世界上最常见的遗传性疾病)患者的生活。地中海贫血国际联合会,。新的疾病人口统计学方法,凭借着不同的方式地中海贫血症的诊断,咨询和管理产生了影响。对于这种古老的疾病,改善的新疗法对病人生存能力至关重要。从2010年6月至2011年1月,我们在墨西拿的一家初级保健中心(遗传学及免疫学)采访了36位地中海贫血患者。本研究的目的是在墨西拿的这家保健中心得出调查结果。研究显示了针对地中海贫血症,运用多学科方法 —— 医疗,心理和社会以确保患者拥有更好的生存力和生活质量的重要影响力。理解这三种资源的影响力 —— 医疗,心理和社会,对于慢性病患者的健康和自我调理疾病的能力至关重要。



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Silvia Carbone, Human and Social Science Department, University of Messina
Phd/ Adjunct Professor
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thalassemia, sociology, Messina, collaboration staff/patient.
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