From bench to bedside: ways and steps of drug discovery

  • Ş.Ş. Alkan | Basel, Switzerland; UMDNJ, R.W. Johnson Medical School, Department of Molecular Genetics & Microbiology, Piscataway, NJ, United States.


For the public two things are not easy to understand about drugs: a) Why drugs are so expensive? b) Why there are only so few new drugs discovered despite higher investments every year. Usually it takes 10- 15 years to develop a drug. Here, I will guide you through all stages of classical drug development so that you can understand the reasons of the current situation. Although I am not an expert in hematological diseases, the lessons I have learned during my 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry will hopefully prepare you to find novel ways for the treatment of thalassemia.


关于药品,公众有两个疑问: a) 为什么药品如此昂贵?b)尽管每年投入高额投资,为什么只研发出少量的新药? 通常,研发一种药品需要10到15年时间。 在此,我会介绍典型药品研发的所有步骤,帮助你了解造成现状的原因。 虽然我不是地中海贫血病的专家,但是凭借在我在医药行业30年的经验教训,希望能帮助你找到治疗地中海贫血的新方法。



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thalassemia, drug safety.
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