Endocrine concerns and quality of life in thalassaemics

  • A. Unver | paola.granata@pagepress.org TADAD Thalassaemia Patient, Parent Association Headquarters General Secretary, Istanbul, Turkey.


I would like to tell you a main message: to fight against this disease is always useful. Imagine you are a little kid and want to play with your friends, you want to run with them play ball with them but you couldn’t. You have to stay at home or sit on the side and watch it is a hard thing to do for a kid. However, the help of your parents, the encouragement and the patience of your doctors, the support of associations are crucial issues to continue the fight. Patients have to remember that continuing their treatments strictly is the main aim to reach in the next future the cure.


我想把主要内容告诉你: 与这个病魔斗争总是有用的。 假如你是一个小孩,想同伙伴一起玩耍、赛跑、打球,但是你却不能。您必须呆在家里或坐在一边看他们高兴地玩耍。这对一个小孩儿来说是件不容易的事情。 然而,父母的帮助、医生的鼓励和耐心治疗以及同伴们的支持,都将成为你继续与病魔抗争的坚强动力。 病人必须记住只有严格继续治疗才能在将来痊愈。



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endocrine complications, thalassemia, quality of life.
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