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Barrister Abid Waheed Shaikh *
(*) Corresponding Author:
Barrister Abid Waheed Shaikh | thalassaemia@cytanet.com.cy


The factors determining the health behaviours may be seen in various contexts: physical, socio-economic, cultural and political. So the utilization of a health care system, public or private, formal or non-formal, may depend on socio-demographic factors, social structures, level of education, cultural beliefs and practices, gender discrimination, status of women, economic and political systems environmental conditions, and the disease pattern and health care system itself. Policy makers need to understand the drivers of health seeking behaviour of the population in an increasingly pluralistic health care system. Also a more concerted effort is required for designing behavioural health promotion campaigns through inter-sectoral collaboration focusing more on disadvantaged segments of the population. Thalassaemia is the most prevalent genetic blood disorder in Pakistan. It is estimated that there are 8-10 million Thalassaemia Minor cases in the country with a prevalence of 5-6%. It is also estimated that about 100,000 patients suffering from Thalassaemia Major exist in Pakistan and every year this number is increasing by about 6,000. Pakistan is witnessing this large increase in thalassaemic patients due to a lack of proper coordinated, nationwide efforts to contain the inherited form of anaemia, and general public awareness...

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