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Vasilios Perifanis *
Ourania Pantelidou
Nousiou Charikleia
Miranda Athanassiou-Metaxa
Electra Kolokytha-Grammatikopoulou
(*) Corresponding Author:
Vasilios Perifanis | thalassaemia@cytanet.com.cy


Annual transfusion requirements in Greece exceed 600000 blood units and nearly 20% of them are used for the transfusion of 3.000 patients with Thalassemia. Thalassemia patients need to be transfused properly at the right time and with safe, fresh blood. PIGI ZOIS is a nonprofit organization that tries to improve the lives of patients through providing proper voluntary blood units to patients and enhancing the Voluntary Blood Donation policy, in Thessaloniki area, which has 350 patients. The mission of PIGI ZOIS is to organize and manage almost 7.000 volunteers to donate their blood for the thalassemic patients. This is achieved by using a phone call reminder, so that the blood volunteer will donate his/her blood to a compatible young patient. All matches are done by a specialized computer program. PIGI ZOIS has donated 90.000 blood units over a period of twenty years. PIGI ZOIS also aims to raise awareness of Thalassemia through an educational program with children in primary schools, with the ultimate goal of encouraging the children to become donors when they reach adulthood. PIGI ZOIS also runs informative campaigns to the public about disease prevention and the general promotion of voluntary blood donation.

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