National policies in ensuring access to quality and safety of drugs: A challenge or a prerequisite

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M. Hadipour Dehshal *
M. Tabrizi Namini
(*) Corresponding Author:
M. Hadipour Dehshal |


Access to the essential medicines is an important challenge in the developing countries. To have access to the quality and affordable medicines, the pharmaceutical decision makers try different strategies. The production of generic and copy medicines is one of the strategies that if adopted based on the recognized standards and norms can be effective in raising the health status in the developing countries. However, the regulation enfeeblement has somewhat impaired the quality of generic and copy medicines and harmed the health life of consumers. Here we aim to reflect over the role of different beneficiaries including international organizations, governments, pharmaceutical companies, and NGOs in ensuring the feasible and sustainable access of citizens to the essential medicines. We also aim to highlight the importance of the patient status in the enhancement of the medical delivery.

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