Heart disease in patients with haemoglobinopathies

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Dimitrios Farmakis *
George Papingiotis
(*) Corresponding Author:
Dimitrios Farmakis | thalassaemia@cytanet.com.cy


Hereditary hemoglobin disorders, also termed haemoglobinopathies, include mainly beta -thalasszemia and sickle cell disease and represent the most common monogenic disorders in human. Cardiac complications are still a leading cause of mortality and morbidity in patients with haemoglobinopathy, although heart disease due to either severe anaemia or iron overload have dramatically reduced in patient populations receiving modern regular therapy and follow-up. The spectrum of cardiovascular manifestations in haemoglobinopathies is wide and includes ventricular dysfunction, pulmonary hypertension, pericarditis-myocarditis, arrhythmias stroke and thromboembolic events...

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