Human rights violations in medicine: a-to-z action guide by Dr. Pamela Wible

  • Erin Nissen Castelloe | Private Pharmaceutical Medicine Consultant, San Diego, CA, United States.


To organize work in such a manner that it becomes meaningless, boring, stultifying, or nerve-racking for the worker would be little short of criminal; it would indicate a greater concern with goods than with people, an evil lack of compassion and a soul-destroying degree of attachment to the most primitive side of this worldly existence.

E. F. Schumacher, Small Is Beautiful: Economics as if People Mattered

And don’t make the mistake of calling us resilient. To not have been destroyed, to not have given up, to have survived, is no badge of honor. Would you call an attempted murder victim resilient?

Tommy Orange, There There




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Special issue on physician mental health
Wible, system-induced distress, burnout, physician mental health, physician suicide
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