H.A.R.O.T. Human assisted reproduction ozone therapy: the use of Oxygen-Ozone therapy as an adjunct in the therapy of couple sterility

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Alfonso Maria Irollo *
Maria Francesca Gangale
Gennaro Calabrese
Ezio Stortini
Sara Zanconi
Raffaele Aiello
Catella Criscuolo
Vincenzo Infante
Antonella Tartaglione
Simona Pizzinelli
Maria Laura De Simone
(*) Corresponding Author:
Alfonso Maria Irollo | agoi@me.com


The increase in couple sterility and the average increase in the age of women seeking pregnancy has placed the scientific community in front of the need to improve the quality of oocytes and the percentage of the embryonic implantation. The oxygen- ozone therapy seems to be able to help in this research thanks to its modes of action. A therapeutic protocol, identified with the acronym H.A.R.O.T (Human assisted reproduction ozone therapy) has been developed, the first results of which seem to be considerably encouraging in order to obtain a greater number and quality of oocytes and improve the percentage of embryonic implantation.

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