Anti-inflammatory effect of an eye drops solution based on liposomal ozonated oil in different corneal and anterior segment human diseases

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Andrea Attilio Basile *
Magda Cendali
Giulia Mandelli
Gaetano Fioretto
(*) Corresponding Author:
Andrea Attilio Basile |


The gaseous ozone can be effectively stabilized – for topical use – as ozonated oil, an organic analog of ozone, that has the same properties; the tolerability on the ocular surface has been further improved by means a specific formulation, developed for ophthalmic use, based on liposomal sunflower ozonated oil plus hypromellose (Ozodrop®, FB Vision, Ascoli Piceno, Italy), which is extremely biocompatible with the delicate ocular surface tissue. The use of ozone in certain eye anterior segment pathologies could be providential due to its anti-inflammatory and bactericidal activity, in addition to promoting tissue repair properties. Nowadays, the overuse of antibiotics in the treatment of infectious diseases, and the appearance of multidrug-resistant bacterial strains, has driven research towards the study of new resistance-free antimicrobial agents. In our experience, this new liposomal ozonated oil formulation was used to promote wound healing and treat some inflammatory and infectious pathologies of the anterior segment, such as vernal conjunctivities, granulomatous conjunctivities, persistent dystrophic corneal ulcer, i.e. diseases necessitating adequate anti-inflammatory and regenerative therapy. In these conditions, a topical dosage of one or two drops of collyrium every 4 h over 3-7 days is generally recommended, even though multiple and frequent instillations are often required to achieve clinical resolution. The use of ozone-based eye drops gave a faster resolution of the inflammatory and/or infectious process, healing of the wounded area, improvement of corneal deepithelization and resolution of the symptomatology (itching, soreness) and clinical sign. In conclusion, from our preliminary results, ozone-based eye drops represent a valid and suitable alternative therapy for the management of external ocular pathologies, both inflammatory and/or infective and traumatic.


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