Oxygen-ozone therapy in arthroplasty infections

  • Alessandra Vittoria De Lisi | info@ossigenoozono.it Italian Society for Oxygen-Ozone Therapy (SIOOT), Gorle (BG), Italy.
  • Marianno Franzini Italian Society for Oxygen-Ozone Therapy (SIOOT), Gorle (BG), Italy.
  • Giovanni Ricevuti Italian Society for Oxygen-Ozone Therapy (SIOOT), Gorle (BG), Italy.


The prevention of surgical site infections is a priority within the objectives of the National Health System. The negative consequences of postoperative infections (morbidity, duration of hospitalization, mortality) are particularly serious events for the individual patient and for the community, given both the welfare resources needed to treat them, and the continued growth of the phenomenon of antibiotic resistance. In a global health context in which evidence-based medicine has established itself, all medical interventions must be reconsidered in the light of what can be inferred from the literature evaluated according to strict methodological criteria, all the more so when the evidence is available and unanimously shared. The future objective will be to introduce in the national guidelines a protocol involving the use of ozone therapy alongside antibiotic therapy, both in the prevention and treatment of infections, to avoid the emergence of antibiotic resistance and thus reduce the expenditure of the national health system.



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Arthroplasty infections, Surgical site infections, Oxygen-ozone therapy
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De Lisi, A. V., Franzini, M., & Ricevuti, G. (2019). Oxygen-ozone therapy in arthroplasty infections. Ozone Therapy, 4(1). https://doi.org/10.4081/ozone.2019.8187